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At La Strada Law, we are committed to changing how you view lawyers and the legal profession. How will we do this? We focus on building a personal relationship with clients to serve as a trusted advisor. 

To better understand our firm, you’ll need to know

who we are & who we are not

We Are Not 


We’ve thrown out the time clocks. All our planning services are billed on a flat-fee basis. No surprises.


People are often afraid to call a lawyer. Why? Because they know the clock starts the moment they get the attorney on the phone.  We believe the billable hour is a large factor in why so many who need an attorney, don’t hire one. How can you build a relationship with your attorney as a trusted advisor if you are afraid to speak with them? That’s why we build communication into our process and planning services.


Each client is different. Your life and business circumstances are unique. We’ll work with you and get to know your individual situation.  That means we put time and research into guiding your individual decisions and work with you one-on-one.


Almost anyone can prepare their own “legal documents” these days on the internet.  But we have seen time and time again, consumers paying tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees to clean up the mess that was caused by using online “legal documents” without the guidance of an attorney. Of course, documents are important, but our process is not document centered— it’s centered around people. Documents memorialize important decisions. We focus on serving as your trusted advisor, guiding you through the important discussions and considerations to make those decisions.

We Are 


We are a modern virtual-based mobile law firm.  We’re also paperless. What does that mean for you? Greater convenience.  While we have private conference space available to meet with clients at several locations, our flexibility allows us to accommodate our client’s busy lives. Our paperless practice allows you to conveniently access and submit important materials via a client portal.


When it comes to making decisions that impact your loved ones, we understand you want to provide and care for them and keep them out of court and conflict. For clients with minor children, we know these decisions can be difficult. We approach planning for your children’s protection differently— identifying what you really want for your child’s future and developing a stand- alone plan to achieve those outcomes. You’ll rest easier knowing that your kids are protected.  We include built-in features with every estate plan to protect your assets from being lost to the State’s Department of Unclaimed Property. For small business clients, we look at risk from a proactive approach, protecting you from unnecessary and costly legal problems down the road.


The only one that ever benefits from a lawyer thinking he’s the smartest one in the room is the lawyer.  That’s not how we work. Each and every client has their own skill-set and area of specialization— it’s our job to support you as a trusted advisor in achieving your life and business goals. We empower clients to take control of their most important life and business decisions, supporting you along the way.

Legacy Driven

The most important things in life are intangible — raising a family, building a business, nurturing relationships with loved ones, engaging in your community, supporting beloved charities— these bring us our greatest joys. That’s why we reframe the way we work, putting your legacy at the center of all your planning. Whether we are working with estate planning clients or business clients, we work to honor what is most important to you.

Why choose to work with 

La Strada Law?

We’re different. We value our clients. We work each day to protect and honor the things our clients care about most, as a trusted advisor.

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Want to know more about our firm’s name?

Our founding attorney Jeneva A. Vazquez explains

After years of working as an attorney for the government, ultimately the people I care for the most drew me to focus my practice on life and legacy planning and small business planning.  When I started to envision the type of firm I wanted to build, I envisioned a firm that serves real people, struggling with real everyday issues, providing them a full-service experience.

The reality is, most people don’t have a trusted family or business lawyer—someone they look to in proactively navigating decisions. But why not?

Being part of a family filled with small business entrepreneurs, I’ve seen that lawyers are frequently inaccessible to the “little guy” in town. Young adults, unmarried professionals, and growing families are often invisible to most lawyers. Don’t real people, struggling with real everyday issues, deserve to have a trusted legal advisor too?

I realized most firms are set up to disincentivize a strong attorney-client relationship. The main culprit? The billable hour. The lawyer lives each minute of the day according to a stopwatch never truly focusing on what the client needs and the client fears the bill that results from seeking the guidance they need to make important decisions.

Seeing so many disappointing gaps in how most law firms operate— the lack of client centered service, transparency in cost, personalized inquiry and advice, true understanding of client goals— I decided I needed to build something new.

In creating La Strada Law, I’ve thrown out the “old school” way of doing things and built a “new school” practice. A practice focused on client-centered service, flexibility, transparency in legal fees with No Hourly Billing for planning services, honoring client goals, and building relationships with clients as a trusted advisor in life, legacy, and small business planning.

By removing the billable hour, clients can seek proactive guidance in making important decisions, avoiding costly mistakes that result in litigation, and proactively learn the value of planning for their loved ones. I can serve as a trusted legal advisor, instead of a timekeeper.

In focusing my practice on Estate and Legacy planning and Small Business planning, the foundation of this firm’s values is rooted in honoring my own family legacy—entrepreneurship, community engagement, and strong family and cultural appreciation.

Two things run deep in my family— being proud Italians and entrepreneurial spirit. In fact, both of my grandfathers were Italian immigrants, each traveling to the United States to build their version of the American dream through business ownership. In founding this firm, I’m proud to join a long line of community focused small business owners.

The words “La Strada” contextually translate to “your way” or “the path” in Italian, emphasizing the focus of La Strada Law— guiding your way on your life and business journey, each step of the way, as your trusted legal advisor.

On a more personal level, I grew up in Rio Rancho, NM.  I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from the University of Tulsa and my J.D. from Barry University School of Law in Orlando, FL. Together with my husband Mike, I live in Charlotte, NC. Outside of practicing law, I love to travel, all things Italian, podcasts, watching the NY Football Giants, and home improvement projects (and HGTV).  I treasure my family and friends more than anything and could not have built this firm without their support and encouragement.

Bar Admissions

▰  North Carolina

▰  South Carolina

▰  New Mexico

▰  Florida

▰  New Jersey


Affiliations & Organizations

▰  Mecklenburg County Bar

▰  Legal Aid of North Carolina Pro Bono Volunteer

▰ University of Tulsa NC Alumni Club Co-Representatives


Career Highlights

▰  Appointed Deputy Cabinet Secretary by the Governor of NM

▰  Appointed General Counsel by the Governor of NM

▰  Assistant Attorney General in NM combating Elder Abuse and Neglect in medical facilities and recovering Medicaid funds fraudulently spent

▰  50 jury trials to verdict as Assistant State Attorney in Central Florida


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