Top Three with La Strada Law: Ticora Davis- The Creator’s Law Firm

Do you know how to protect your brand or intellectual property?

Attorney Ticora Davis of The Creator’s Law Firm joins Attorney Jeneva Vazquez on Top Three with La Strada Law to share her:

-tips to make sure your brand is available and how to protect it

-the difference between trademarks and copyrights 

-top three ways “protect your smarts”

Ticora tells the incredible story of building The Creator’s Law Firm on a foundation of faith, family, and culturally relevant legal representation.  

Not only does Ticora help clients protect their intellectual property, she does so through the lens of educating and empowering minority business owners. 


Top Three with La Strada Law: Kyle Romanat- Health Market Genius LLC

Afraid to take the leap into running your small business full-time because you don’t want to leave steady health insurance benefits?

Kyle Romanat of Health Market Genius LLC joins Attorney Jeneva Vazquez on Top Three with La Strada Law to demystify how you can get health insurance coverage on your own.

In the midst of a pandemic and with the open enrollment period approaching, Kyle Shares his Top Three things you should know about shopping for health insurance as a solopreneur or if you are getting ready to launch a small business. 

Top Three with La Strada Law: Jack Tompkins of Pineapple Consulting Firm

DATA DATA DATA. It’s everywhere.

This week Jack Tompkins of Pineapple Consulting Firm joins Attorney Jeneva Vazquez on Top Three with La Strada Law to discuss why data is not just for the big dogs.

Small businesses have access to TONS of data. Are you using the data to help grow your business and your bottom line?

Jack shares his Top 3 things small business owners (even solos or side-hustlers) should know about using data to grow your business.

Top Three with La Strada Law: Jordan Herskowitz of Richie’s Spirit Foundation

ORGAN DONATION. Do you really know the impact it can have?  Attorney Jeneva Vazquez talks with the founder and Executive Director of Richie’s Spirit Foundation Jordan Herskowitz about the power of organ donation.

Jordan tells the story of how organ donation impacted his family directly and why he founded Richie’s Spirit Foundation to promote organ donation. He shares his Top Three considerations when deciding to honor the legacy of someone you’ve lost by creating a foundation and things to consider when deciding to donate organs for transplant or medical research. 

Top Three with La Strada Law: Sarah Wells of Swell Design

Starting a new business? Turning your hobby into a side hustle? One of the first steps for every new business is selecting a business name and laying the foundation for the brand you want to build.

This week, Sarah Wells of Swell Design joins Attorney Jeneva Vazquez on Top Three with La Strada Law. As a creative, Sarah shares her Top 3 tips to start developing your brand on a shoestring budget while in the early stages of your new business or side hustle.

Top Three with La Strada Law: Amanda Aragon – New Mexico Kids Can

It’s here! The first podcast episode of Top Three with La Strada Law!  Jeneva Vazquez of La Strada Law interviews Amanda Aragon, Executive Director of NewMexicoKidsCan.

Amanda shares what parents and teachers can do to get involved in education advocacy at this pivotal moment. She gives her top three actionable steps to learn more about your local education policy-making process and how to get your voice heard to see change. She also shares resources for parents and teachers as we kick off this unprecedented school year.

Introducing the Top Three with La Strada Law Podcast

Attorney Jeneva Vazquez announces her NEW PODCAST. In this episode, Jeneva talks about her  move to North Carolina and the challenges that come with opening up a new business.  She talks about the goal of the podcast: To explore the intersection of the law with your life and business journey.  In working with clients, she is committed to change how her clients view lawyers. So, she’ll have real conversations with real people about real things, not just legalese. 

Raised on Real Estate Podcast

Attorney Jeneva Vazquez of La Strada Law is back with Raised on Real Estate host Gregory Angello to discuss important health and legal planning topics in the midst of COVID-19:  HIPAA Release, Advanced Health Care Directive, Health Care Power of Attorney, Durable Power of Attorney, and documents to protect your minor children. 

Raised on Real Estate Podcast

Raised on Real Estate Host Gregory Angello hosts Attorney Jeneva Vazquez to discuss the foundation of estate planning and probate. Listen to learn what probate is, how it works, and how you can avoid it to save your family time and expense. 

Human Lawyer Podcast: Attorney Jeneva Vazquez

What do Florida, New Mexico, and North Carolina have in common? All have been or are places where Jeneva Vazquez have called home. And as a lawyer, moving is tough. Most, if not all, of your professional opportunities are tied to the relationships you have in a legal community. So, how do you start over? And where to start?

For most of the last year, Jeneva has focused on integrating into Charlotte’s legal community with the goal of launching and growing an estate planning practice. She has also been a voracious consumer of legal tech and legal marketing content as she evaluates the most efficient to launch her law practice. And through all of that, she has stories to share. No better place for sharing than here.